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It's history. It's charm.  It's true efficacy, in it's many forms.

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Understanding Ascension and it's process of biological upgrades and increasingly higher frequencies.

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Magicworkers, the Magic has returned!

To be more specific, the energy for magic has returned.

We hear the term "the veil", and that it's dropping, but what does that mean?

It means that greater energetic forces and higher cosmic frequencies are reaching us with less resistance; therefore, greater strength.

In short, my fellow Magicworkers, the energy is once again right for the proliferation of Magic!


When you type 'Magicworkers or Energyworkers', you'll see that most spell checks want to correct them and make them two words.  I do not.  For me, they are one word.

While it's absolutely true that Magicworkers are also Energyworkers, there is a distinct difference.

We are the Shamans, the Alchemists, the Warlocks & the Witches.  We are the Sorcerers, the Shapeshifters, the Healers and more ... ohhhh sooo much more.

<font size="3"><center><em>The Sun <strong>is</strong> changing.  I know it is!</em></center></font>
The Sun is changing. I know it is!

We practice the manipulation of subtle, and not so subtle, energies but we do so as a life-long practice in exploration, pushing our boundaries, stretching ourselves to achieve all that is available to us as Experience!

We thrive on purpose and are driven nearly mad by the desire to ply our various crafts, for it is Divine indeed to do so.

We Stalk Purpose with a Warrior's Will, never letting go!

So how do we access and use our Magic?  How do we get beyond the random 'firings' our abilities open us too?

How do we walk this crazy path with Responsibility & Integrity, for absolute integrity is our only protector!

I do not pose this question as 'theory'; rather, as Reality, for it IS the reality each of us live every single moment of every single day and, if we are not, then it is simple 'fear', fear of our own strength, that keeps us from it.

Take heart Sisters & Brothers because that fear is easily assuaged when one has guidance and communion with like minds.

So be assured, We are here at this very specific time, to 'ride' those magnificent new frequencies and 'fully engage' them through 'Service to Others' & 'Mastery of Self'.

A Time of 'Great' Change has arrived and the stakes are high...

This means our services are required Magicworkers.

It's time to Unite and 'Practice in Earnest' once again!