The Savvy O' is currently under development but our first excursions, available to members only, will include the following ....

1. The Brown Mountain Lights, North Carolina


North Carolina native Ed Phillips, director of the Burke County Tourism Authority, grew up listening to tales about the lights and has witnessed them himself.

“The lights are one of North Carolina’s top legends, its most popular paranormal legend,” he says. “When I became director of tourism, I developed a couple symposia in 2012 where experts talked about what the lights might be, what they aren’t and what we don’t know.”

Phillips continues: “There was lots of eyewitness testimony, including from historians, researchers and two retired U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officers who had worked on Brown Mountain and in the Linville Gorge for most of their careers. After they retired, they started telling stories about what they saw. To this day, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.”

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2. Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

Pilot Mountain is thought to be a vortex site.  The information & quality, informed video seems to be lacking so our intention is to visit the site and take some 'real' readings.  That, along with the USGS Magnetic Anomalies map, we should be able to produce some high energy results, as well as explain them.

As always, the primary reason for visiting these sites is to prove they are valid & to make use of them in our magical practices.

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3. Catawba River Trail, North Carolina

The Headwaters for the Catawba River include numerous waterfalls but the Upper Falls (pictured here) are quite large and quite dangerous.  They are beautiful though, I must admit and they do afford one a great photo opp!

But I seldom walk this trail along the river to the falls.  I do see it's beauty but it is marred for me because it feels so very, very dark & sinister to me.  I just can't seem to get past it.

The locals have very little information on it other than that it was once where a boys home was and it was also where the water control was for water & electricity.  I'll have to look up the local history and see what the real story is but I truly believe that there is something to uncover here because it's rare that there is any area 'outside' and particularly this lovely trail along a beautiful river.

And here's what's really bizarre.  I live on the road that dead ends at the trailhead.  I'm seriously only minutes away and yet, I'd rather walk down the asphalt road for my daily stroll that to walk on that trail.  I literally never go.  I have gone.  I just don't do it anymore.  But I will.  I'm curious.

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